You’re In My Heart

We shared a home, one filled with memories, ups and downs, but most importantly love. And within a moment, you left and moved into a new place, my heart. Never to be truly gone. -Serenity Knight

Just Herself

When she fell, it wasn’t him she had reached out for to pull her up from the ashes. She just needed herself. -Serenity Knight

Bound in Life

We’re all bound to fall, to take a hit, for moments to instantly change our lives. It’s how you get up, react to the blow, keep moving on that reveals the person you really are. -Serenity Knight

Still at the Edge

I’m still standing at the edge of where my heroes have fallen, each one unique and beautiful. I carry a piece of them in me, because each gave me a lesson on life and character. There is no payment great enough to pay for that kind of love. -Serenity Knight

To Chase Myself

In all my time chasing after you, never once did I go looking for myself. When it was me I needed to find. -Serenity Knight

Our Usual Places

I go to our usual places frequently, in spaces between old conversations and memories. In all those coffee shops and bars, where the only thing that didn’t matter was the time. -Serenity Knight

Thought of Time

If I had to name one regret in my life, it’d be that I thought we had more time. That I wasn’t there in the midst of your pain and trial. Though your life was never mine to save. But God, how I wanted to try. -Serenity Knight

Unknown Want

Sometimes I wonder if you deny something long enough, you actually fall into the trap of wanting the very thing you tried to wall yourself off from. -Serenity Knight

Woman I’ve Become

The woman I’ve become has danced with your shadow many times, believing there was still something to find in what you left behind. But what I found, was a version of myself, separate from you. -Serenity Knight

Where Love Goes

“Where does love go? When it’s over and you finally don’t feel numb anymore?” She asked. “It still exists, it’ll check in from time to time, and find a way to open another door for someone else to win your heart.” He replied. -Serenity Knight